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Call for Project Proposals

Linz Institute for Technology
Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

Call for Project Proposals

We invite researchers (who have already obtained a PhD degree) to submit project proposals for funding under the JKU LIT program. JKU LIT focuses on excellent, practically-oriented research in all areas of science and technology along the entire innovation chain. The emphasis is on High Risk – High Gain projects. JKU LIT encourages collaboration, particularly with a focus on interdisciplinary research.

The JKU LIT program has an annual funding of € 4 Million. However, JKU LIT is not meant to be a funding agency in its own rights. Rather, it is meant to provide seed money to encourage excellent research with the final goal of obtaining external funding. JKU LIT will support various types of projects – from early career researchers who need to strengthen their CVs to become competitive and scientifically independent; to senior researchers who need seed funding to help establish collaboration or to obtain preliminary results, finally enabling high risk/high gain project applications (ERC, FWF, …).

Project Types

Young Career Projects


Early Career Researchers (PhD obtained within last 5 years or longer if reasonably justifiable)

What For?

To encourage young researchers to start their own research groups. Young Career Projects shall lead young researchers to scientific independence. The funding should strengthen CVs by increasing international visibility by excellent research to improve chances for obtaining external research funding and faculty positions.

How Long?

A Young Career Project may fund the PI (in part if needed) and/or 1-2 PhD

student/s (30hrs/wk) for up to 2 years.


Seed Projects


Open to All Researchers

What For?

To encourage the establishment of transdisciplinary collaborations to establish initial results/proofs of concepts for high risk – high gain research. The primary goal of Seed Projects is to strengthen ideas to improve the chances for obtaining highly competitive external research funding.

How Long?

A Seed Project may fund the PI (if needed), a Post Doc or PhD students (30hrs/wk) for up to 2 years.


Career Accelerator Projects


Advanced Early Career Researcher

What For?

To provide career opportunities or career acceleration for researchers who already have international exposure with a proven, excellent scientific track-record and demonstrated scientific independence. The primary goal is to support the career of outstanding individuals.

How Long?

A Career Accelerator Project funds the PI and a research startup package


Full Professor Status (§99) (immediately or after year 1-2 depending on qualifications)



The call is open to all areas of science and technology. There will be no restriction to particular topics. The sole evaluation criterion is the excellence of the researcher and of the proposed idea and its technological relevance. However, it is expected that projects complement and strengthen existing areas in the technical, natural, social, medical, and legal sciences of the JKU. Example topics include:

  • Smart Materials and Devices
  • Technology for Medicine and Health Care
  • Bio Sciences
  • Smart Production
  • Innovation Management
  • Humanity and Technology
  • Digital Socialization
  • Digitalization
  • Data Sciences and Analytics
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Education for Technology
  • Social Sciences and Management
  • Legal Aspects in Science and Technology


The JKU LIT is open to all researchers (from JKU and other institutions). No preference is given. However, if funded, researchers from other institutions must move to Linz and accept employment from the JKU for the duration of the project. Furthermore, JKU permanent staff (Stammpersonal) may participate in the JKU LIT but their contributions must be in-kind (no salary may be requested beyond full time employment).


The project must identify a hosting JKU institute/department with a point of contact (head of institute or head of department). Office space and other infrastructure must be provided by this host. It is recommended to add a Letter of Confirmation issued by the hosting institute/department to the proposal. This would improve the chances for approval.

Industrial Participation

The JKU LIT allows industrial participation and encourages them to co-fund the project. However, the JKU LIT does not allow the funding of industrial partners. 

Submission Process

Young Career, Seed, and Career Accelerator Projects require a proposal. The writing style of the proposal should follow the template. The project proposal should include a funding plan covering salaries (please bear in mind to add an approximate salary increase of 3 % annually) and reasonable allowances for consumables and travel. The project proposals will be evaluated by reviewers nominated by the FWF. The funding decision will be made by the JKU Rectorate.

Advance and Co-Funding Projects require the original proposal and evaluation results together with a funding plan covering salaries and reasonable allowances for consumables and travels. No additional evaluation is necessary if the existing evaluation is convincing and confirms the excellent nature of the project. The funding decision will be made by the JKU Rectorate.

The proposal deadlines for 2017 are: 14th of April and 13th of October. Every project must be submitted with a standard cover sheet that clearly identifies the project type, the principal investigator (who will also become a JKU LIT project leader), the duration of the project, the project funding requested, the JKU host contact (if applicable), the industrial contact (if applicable), the primary goals, major equipment expected/needed, and a brief abstract.

Funding guidelines please see

For further details please see Q&A @

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